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SUP BRO and Fish Tutukaka offer exclusive boutique style tours at the Poor Knights Marine Reserve. Come experience the unique cultural atmosphere of the Poor Knights Islands with knowledgeable guides and get a once in a lifetime viewpoint of the islands that will leave you breathless.

Our guides will take you into some amazing spots and give you the history, cultural back story and environmental pointers that will only add to the experience. We offer a peaceful, relaxing five (5) hour exploration tour (lunch included) away from the crowds to enable you to be fully immersed in the splendour of the Poor Knights.

Our tour party is restricted to just 10 paddlers on each boat (20 paddlers at maximum).  Book a family tour, muster a few close friends or treat your business clients to an experience they will remember forever. You have nothing to worry about, we have all the gear, all the safety equipment and all the knowledge to make your day a cruise.

Paddle into some secretive spots, be amazed by the sheer magnificence of Rikoriko Cave, the biggest sea cave in the world, and feel the wairua (spirit) of the Poor Knights wash over you.

(Tour includes 45min ferry from Tutukaka to the Poor Knights Islands on board one of Fish Tutukaka’s charter boats Hookie or Lookie and is weather dependent.  Full refund guaranteed for weather affected tours)

What do I need to bring?
Yourself, clothing/swimwear suitable for paddling/swimming including a hat and sunscreen, water and a camera to capture those memories!  Oh, and a willingness to have a great time!

I’ve never paddled on a SUP before
Don’t worry, you can book a quick 30 min lesson before we depart or you can simply jump on board the JUMBO SUP and hang out, or paddle if you feel like it. Our SUP boards are inflatable and suitable for complete novices, so you’ll be sweet.

I can’t swim
Oh, that might be a problem.  You will need to be at least competent enough to tread water.  If you can do that we can suit you up in a PFD (personal floatation device) that will keep your head above water and our experienced guides will watch you like a hawk!

Who are the people taking us out there?
Our boat skippers (Luke Howe and Jack Terei) have between them more than 25 years of charter boat experience at the Poor Knights Islands.  Your tour guides and crew (Scotty Gundesen and Tim Eves) are both experienced paddlers who know how to read water and keep you safe. Between them all, you’ll have a day you’ll never forget.

Other Tours

We also do a range of 1 and 2 hour tours including: Woolleys Bay to Whale Bay; Matapouri to Horseshoe Bay; Kowharewa Bay to Tutukaka Harbour; Ngunguru to Goat Island.

Go places only very few have been and expect to interact with marine life, paddle through caves, discover secluded white sandy beaches, islands, crystal clear water and rock gardens, in a safe guided tour with our certified instructors.

Customised Tours

We can offer customised half and full day tours. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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