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Teaching water safety and confidence

We collaborate with many schools around Northland to provide fun and educational watersports days for kids. We take a humanistic approach and tailor our activities to suit the children's needs. Our aim is to make the activities fun and inclusive for everyone. The paddleboards are very safe for littlies, we often have first years aboard, and we even have equipment to take disabled people out on the water!

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Let SUP BRO plan and run a fun filled day on the water for your school!

We believe that when kids are active and having fun they become open and receptive to learning. Our school days focus on water safety and confidence, teamwork and environmental awareness. Specifically to the New Zealand School curriculum we build on many fundamental aspects of Health and Physical Education including;

  • A2 Regular physical activity – introducing SUP as an enjoyable and tangible physical activity that kids may incorporate into their personal lifestyle, or even develop into a career pathway.
  • A3 Safety management – understanding risks associated with the ocean and other bodies of water, especially in regards to the weather, and how to stay safe, i.e proper fitting of a life jacket and being sun smart.
  • B1 Movement skills – SUP requires many motor skills such as balance and paddling. Learning these motor skills gives kids confidence to participate in many other water based sports.  
  • C3 Interpersonal skills – the XL SUP’s we use take a group of 6-8 kids at once. We encourage the kids to mix with different peers and we coach them to work as a team and make safe choices for themselves and others in this unique setting.
  • D2 Community resources – these days allow the students to investigate a readily available resource (oceans/lakes) that can be used to promote group involvement and enhance well being of self and others. 

XL SUPWe tailor our school days to suit the specifications of each individual school group. We also pick our sites based on both locality and weather conditions. We are happy for our small team to travel to meet a group, rather than having a fleet of parents driving long distances to meet us! Lucky in Northland there are many protected bays and estuaries that means there is seldom a day where we have to reschedule due to weather conditions.

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