Paddlers entering Rikoriko Cave

Poor Knights Islands

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New Zealand has thousands of islands, just off the coast of the mainland. Here in Northland we are lucky to have access to many of these islands including the world famous Poor Knights Islands. As well as being spectacular natural features, these islands are nature reserves that protect hundreds of our endangered plant and animal species. The surrounding waters, that we explore, also play a vital role in the protection of these island habitats.

About the day

Take a journey to the Poor Knights Islands and explore the islands caves and crevices by paddleboard! The day begins when we welcome you aboard the Silva Fox luxury launch. Before we enter the Poor Knights marine reserve we will led you through a Karakia and allow you time to Mihi, or introduce yourself, to the islands. At the Poor Knights you will paddle into secretive spots, witness the sheer magnificence of Rikoriko Cave, the biggest sea cave in the world, and feel the wairua (spirit) of the Poor Knights wash over you. Throughout the day we will inform you about the history and cultural background of the Poor Knights Islands and their significance to the people of Aotearoa. We will provide you with refreshments throughout the day and a nutritious lunch. We are more than happy to cater to all dietary requirements, just let us know upon booking.

Our main aim is to offer a peaceful and relaxing experience that will allow you to get away from the crowds and enable you to immerse in the splendour of the Poor Knights Islands. Therefore, our charter trips have smaller groups to ensure you have plenty of room to relax. Our highly experienced team will provide you with all the gear, safety equipment and knowledge to make your day a cruise.

Book a family tour, muster a few close friends or treat your business clients to an experience they will remember forever.

Day trips generally run from 8.30am to 4.30pm

Overnight charters available on request

Full refund guaranteed for weather affected tours

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