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We offer a range of Stand Up Paddleboard lessons from
Beginner to Advanced, Flat water and Surfing.

We cater for all ages and abilities.
Above all we have an emphasis on safe paddling.


Which lesson is right for you?


Uh, I’ve never been on a SUP before…

No worries! Our intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding session will leave you feeling confident to stand up, paddle, turn and simply enjoy flat water SUPing. We’ll start with a ‘dry run’ where you will become familiar with the equipment and SUP safe practices. On the water we will go through different paddle strokes you can use to navigate through the water. We will teach you how to turn and maneuver the board with ease. You’ll learn a few warm ups and cool downs you can use too! Lessons run at your own pace, we’ll have you standing in no time and are happy to offer challenge by choice!

SUP Lessons

I’ve been on a SUP but I want to
learn proper techniques and gain confidence…

Most of our students have been on a Stand Up Paddle Board before or own their own. Having a lesson can enhance your enjoyment on the water. We can teach you paddling techniques that you can use to conserve energy and paddle faster and for longer. You are able to try out a range of both hard and inflatable boards to see what works best for you. You’ll learn how to utilize the muscles in your whole body rather than just your arms, and even how you can use the SUP to strengthen your body. You’ll learn water safety skills that will build your confidence to go further out into the ocean with your SUP. This lesson can be done on flat water, waves, or a combination of both.

paddle board lesson

I am a flatwater SUPer and keen as to get on a wave!

Awesome! SUP Surfing is our passion and it is actually a lot easier than you may think! We have a couple spots on the coast with mellow waves that are perfect for your first ride and will quickly allow you to feel how to catch a wave and be confident in a surfing stance. You’ll learn proper SUP Surfing etiquette which is important for personal safety and other surfers that may be in the water with you.  As soon as you are ready we can move down the road to a beach where the waves are a little bigger! SUP Surfing is exhilarating and growing in popularity worldwide. You’re never too old to learn how to surf!!

SUP wave surfing


Price List 

1h Lesson from $50pp

2h Lesson from $75pp

Discounts for families

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